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Feds Launch 
Job Recruiting Blitz



The Federal fiscal new year (2019) started on October 1, and agencies jumped right out to launch their summer-seasonal job hiring programs.

Competition is extremely for prime jobs with great U.S. Federal natural resources agencies like the National Park Service, Forest Service, BLM, Fish & Wildlife Service, and Army Corps of Engineers. 

These agencies are hiring NOW, in the Fall/Winter, long before most people would think about summer jobs!

Get a jump on your competition! 


Check back frequently to click these auto-updated links to Summer-Seasonal-Temporary jobs like: 

USDA Forest Service Biological Aids - Technicians

USDA Forest Service Forestry Aid - Technicians and Range Aid - Technicians

National Park Service Park Rangers and Guides

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Aids - Technicians

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Range Aids/Technicians, Biological Aids/Techs and Forestry Aids/Techs

Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers and Guides



These are GS-02 to GS-07 entry-level jobs that generally pay $9.98 to $17.18 hour. 


Federal summer-seasonal-temporary hiring will fluctuate throughout the year.   It is a great  strategy to stay alert and check here and at often, especially during Holiday periods when jobs will open when many people are not paying attention.  ECC


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