Get off the Grid Fest 

Green Jobs Panel- Environmental Careers Outline

John Esson
, Director
Environmental Career Center (EnvironmentalCareer.com)
PASE Corps (PASEcorps.org)

Presentation Outline and Links: https://EnvironmentalCareer.com/fest/

GetOffTheGridFest Environmental Careers discussion:

  1. Intro: Background
  2. Audience



  • High School
  • College
  • Grad school


Professional Associations


Important Skills

  • Skills you have or want to hone and you want to USE
  • Skills from ECC past National Environmental Employment Surveys:
    • Writing
    • Speaking
    • Technical (GIS, ISO 14001, …)
    • Teamwork
  • New areas:
    • Resiliency planning
    • Climate change
  • 2020 National Environmental Employment Report – see EnvironmentalCareer.com in Dec 2019



PASE Corps

  • What we do – advanced careers technical training and internship/experience program
  • Where we do it: SE Virginia now. Raleigh, Richmond, DC (2019-2020)
  • Seeking NC volunteers for Raleigh/NC training and internship program launch


Conferences- Networking:


Contact info: