Rare is a fast-growing, international environmental organization that runs social marketing campaigns to change the behaviors of communities that live in, and around, areas of important biodiversity.   Over the past five years, the organization has tripled its staff and quintupled its budget – a result of burgeoning demand throughout our sector for more innovative methods to engage local communities, and change the way they relate to dwindling natural resources. To that end, Rare searches the globe for replicable, sustainable environmental success stories, and then trains conservation leaders to develop and market these proven practices to benefit both community livelihoods and biodiversity.  
Rare’s impact is delivered via its Pride program, a powerful blend of local capacity building, the replication of technical solutions, and grassroots communications for behavior change that has been empowering local conservation leaders since 1988 at more than 200 sites around the world. Rare Pride focuses on building support for conservation at the community level and is centered on three-year intensive social marketing campaigns launched in collaboration with NGO, government, and international partners.   By catalyzing in-country private and public sector funding, shifting behavior toward more sustainable practices, and focusing attention on critically threatened ecosystems and species, Rare’s Pride campaigns dramatically build momentum for conservation – ultimately creating the constituencies necessary for initiating legislative reform, creating new protected areas, and saving the habitats of those species on the brink of extinction.
Rare is committed to hiring entrepreneurial, best-in-their-field staff at all levels of the organization -- each staff member at Rare possesses a desire to change the way non-profits do business and to help scale an exciting model for social change.