SSG-Barco, Inc.

SSG-BARCO is a full service environmental consulting and contracting company with sufficient personnel and equipment to handle any remediation project.  Our team of professional field technicians and project managers are experienced in preventing and correcting environmental problems, performing phase I assessments, removing  USTs and networking with the NJDEP to provide clients with the fastest case closure possible.

Our business is centered around servicing oil heat customers and facilitating environmental aspects of commercial and residential property transactions.  For the oil consumer, we offer turnkey removal and installation packages and can handle all aspects of soil and groundwater remediation.  For property transfers, we have a professional staff who conduct Phase I/II investigations and preliminary assessments. 

SSG-BARCO operates from a centrally located terminal in New Jersey allowing for efficient dispatch throughout the state. The location was selected to provide for convenient access to major roads and highways and as the approximate central point of the service area.  The physical facility consists of over 8,000 square feet of warehouse and garage space.

The organization continues to exist in prestige and prominence within the environmental community and enjoys the confidence and recommendations of a diverse listing of commercial, industrial, and residential clients.