Florida Conservation Corps

Florida Conservation Corps

The Florida Conservation Corps provides hands-on service learning opportunities designed to develop leaders in the fields of land management, cultural preservation, resource based recreation and park facility management who possess the confidence, knowledge and abilities necessary to conserve and interpret natural and cultural resources in balance with the use and enjoyment by the public. The FLCC currently offers fulltime member positions through two service programs: Project A.N.T. (AmeriCorps Non-native plant Terminators) and Park Cadets.


Project A.N.T.

The Project A.N.T. (AmeriCorps Non-native plant Terminators) program focuses the energy and enthusiasm of fulltime AmeriCorps members on the second leading cause of habitat loss, the spread of invasive exotic plants. Assigned to state parks in pairs, Project A.N.T. members commit to 11 months and 1,700 hours, approximately 40 hours per week, battling invasive exotic plants using a three prong approach:


  1. treatment, removal survey
  2. education of park visitors and local community
  3. volunteer recruitment and management.


Additionally, Project A.N.T. members also improve and assess trails within state parks.

While focused on invasive exotic plant management, Project A.N.T. members gain a wealth of training and hands-on experience in natural resource management, along with professional and personal development. With this experience, members have the potential to continue in the field with the Florida Park Service or similar agency, or with their Segal AmeriCorps Education Award have the opportunity to further their education with the benefit of real life experience.