Matheson, Inc.

Matheson Inc. is an industry leader offering client specialized support and stellar employee relationships, since 1964.

Matheson Inc. is comprised of three operating divisions: Matheson Postal Services, Matheson Flight Extenders and Matheson Environmental. Matheson Postal Services contracts with the USPS to haul mail over the road. Matheson Flight Extenders provides services to the USPS at 17 locations where the division handles the exchange of product between the USPS and the USPS air services supplier. The Matheson Environmental division includes DECON Environmental Services and Matheson Environmental Services. DECON provides environmental remediation & decontamination services to a variety of clients throughout the U.S. Matheson Environmental Services provides T&D, waste management, including waste profiling and analysis. Matheson Inc.’s offers an all-inclusive solution to logistics and environmental servicing needs.

These expertise offer superior client benefits, first-class customer service, innovation and efficiency; these qualities jointed represent the pulse of the heart that is Matheson Inc.


Specialized hauling, Time sensitive material handling and transportation, Less-than-truckload freight delivery, Underwing airport ops, Terminal handling services, Environmental Services, Transportation and Disposal, Waste Profiling and Analysis, E-Waste Program