Meridian Bird Removal

Meridian Bird Removal is a dynamic, high-growth company that delivers guaranteed results for our customers. At Meridian, we provide innovative bird removal and bird management services for big-box retailers, supermarkets, distribution centers, and many other commercial facilities. As a company, our competitive advantage is our patent pending Bird-N-Free Live Capture System and Process, our internal business processes, and most importantly, our people.

Meridian Bird Removal Manchester, NH, USA
Jan 05, 2019
Part time
D o you enjoy the "thrill of the chase"?  Would you like to get paid for doing something you enjoy as much as a hobby?  How about a job that presents a challenging adventure every day?  Then come join us and catch birds! This unique position in our company solves health and safety issues for many grocery and big box retailers by keeping the birds where they belong! Our technicians love what they do! So...what do the technicians do? Bird Removals Technicians start their job by driving to a store or commercial facility that has reported a nuisance bird issue. Upon arriving at the job site, the technician introduces themselves to the site management and explains the basics of what they will be doing. Now...the FUN begins!  It's time to play a game of find the birdie.  This involves some techniques that are easy to learn and will be trained. After locating the bird or birds, the technician moves into capture mode. This involves use of our patented equipment and proven techniques. Once the bird is caught, the technician will do a full inspection of the facility and fill out a report of their findings. At the end of the day, the technician makes the drive home and completes any administrative tasks associated with the completed work. Now, the technician enjoys the feeling of having made the catch and the satisfaction of a job well done! The ideal candidate has: The ability to initiate contact with people they have not met, as well as gaining trust and credibility A passion for problem solving in a methodical manner as they gather information and analyze the environment An efficiency with resources including time, equipment, and profitability Patience and persistence to see a job through to completion Great initiative and self-starting ability, as they will often work independently Flexibility in the lack of definitive work available, length of projects, and the fact that birds just do not keep to a specific schedule No fear of heights and be comfortable on ladders and lifts when necessary 3 days per week availability A appreciation of hunting, fishing and trapping, if not an all out love. Benefits include, but are not limited to: Control of your schedule availability New Adventures Daily Meridian Wellness program An encouraging tool to help you stay healthy and fit. Adventure Reward  Program Trips, gifts and other exciting prizes...just for doing your job! If you read the above and said "that's me!", then follow the site link below to apply!  We also proudly seek to employ  retirees, Veterans and Reservists. Remember to say you found this opportunity at