The Cadmus Group, Inc.


Cadmus is a fast-growing technical and strategic, social good consultancy with projects across the U.S. and around the world. We serve our clients in the areas of energy, environment, high performance building, sustainability, public health, and strategic communications.

We are employee-owned with a staff of more than 300 professionals in nine major offices around the country in addition to our headquarters in the Boston suburb of Waltham, Mass.:

• Washington, D.C. (Arlington, Va.)

• Portland, Ore.

• Irvine, Calif.

• Santa Monica, Calif.

• Denver, Colo.

• Boulder, Colo.

• Madison, Wis

• Helena, Mt.

Our innovative staff includes consultants, scientists, engineers, marketers, and public policy professionals who provide an array of scientific, research, analytical, public education, and marketing services. To meet the growing demand for our services, we continually seek exceptionally skilled entry-level and seasoned professionals to join our growing organization.

Cadmus offers a vibrant, collegial, and flexible work environment. We place a high value on learning and mastery, and we provide many opportunities to foster staff members’ professional growth. We also pride ourselves on our teamwork, and everyone contributes to the company’s success. Our projects are led by experts in selected areas of the sciences, engineering, statistics, policy, economics, finance, and marketing communications and focus on complex problems that demand innovative, multidisciplinary thinking. Project teams are often composed of staff members from offices across the country.

In hiring, we look not only for talented individuals with specific skills, but also for people who will fit in well with our existing teams and become integral and contributing members of our staff. Our team approach to hiring gives prospective employees the chance to meet some of the individuals with whom they would work. It also allows staff members to interview job candidates and determine together who best meets our hiring needs.