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Greenpeace Oakland, CA, USA
Jul 04, 2020
Fire Drill Fridays is an exciting collaboration between Greenpeace and Jane Fonda to raise attention about the need for climate action equal to the scale of the problem, communicate a sense of urgency, provide accessible information about the climate crisis to demystify it, help people overcome their apathy and despair, and inspire others to act by taking bold action alongside known and trusted cultural icons.   In just its first three months, Fire Drill Fridays  has  both ignited and tapped into the growing sense of urgency that something must be done - and it is clear that we are the ones who must do it. It is time for bold, broad, and courageous advocacy and activism.   Now that 2020 is here, we're ready to take the next step for Fire Drill Fridays to continue and become a national project bringing in activists from around the country. The Organizing Lead role is integral to the leadership team of FDF, leading the efforts of organizing and mobilizing hundreds of...