Washington State Department of Ecology

The mission of the Washington State Department of Ecology is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington’s environment, and promote the sustainable management of the state’s air, land and water for the benefit of current and future generations.   This means protecting both humans and the environment from pollution; restoring and preserving important ecosystems that sustain life; and finding ways to meet human needs without destroying environmental resources and functions. Fundamental to achieving these results lies in our everyday interaction with citizens, stakeholders, and the public we regulate. We treat our customers as partners and collaborators: provide respectful and prompt service; explore creative solutions for the best results; and act with integrity. Also critical is maintaining effective infrastructures and a workforce that is committed, productive and successful. We invest in our employees to create and sustain a working environment that encourages creative leadership, teamwork, professionalism and accountability.   The citizens of Washington trust that the Department of Ecology supports and assists them in promoting the sustainable environmental and economic well being of the state. That trust, coupled with our effectiveness, helps Ecology to continue to receive the support it needs to advance our environmental mission.   To learn more about our Agency, please visit our website at - www.ecy.wa.gov