Reliable and affordable energy is essential to human progress. At the same time - like all industrial processes - energy development involves risk. ExxonMobil considers risk at every stage of development, and we continuously work to reduce environmental impacts. Rigorous standards and good practices that consider the needs of the communities where we operate guide our efforts.

ExxonMobil Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Sep 28, 2017
Full time
Job Role Summary To execute research & development (R&D), consulting, and develop capital projects in several environmental technology areas, including air quality control, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and waste management. R&D which may involve evaluation of available or developing new technologies, adapting these to ExxonMobil needs, and assisting in initial application.  Development also may involve testing of technology at affiliate sites. Consulting which may include helping plants comply with environmental laws and regulations in the most cost-effective manner, and troubleshooting plant problems.  This work often involves on-site assistance at ExxonMobil facilities around the world.  Capital project work which may include specifying or designing new pollution control facilities or developing permit applications and environmental impact assessments for proposed new or expanded refinery and petrochemical plants. Expected Level of Proficiency B.S., M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, or Environmental Engineering or equivalent from a recognized university. A minimum of three (3) years of relevant experience or entry level engineers. Interest in environmental technology areas.  Coursework in environmental subjects is not necessary for strong candidates, but is a definite plus. Work (intern or co-op) experience in environmental engineering. Campus leadership experience. Strong interest in technology and solving technical problems. Demonstrated chemical engineering skills.  Excellent oral and written communications skills. Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com