Midwest Lake Management

Midwest Lake Management, Inc was founded in 2003 after realizing there was a demand for our unique services. It was simple—our clients like water and we do, too. There simply wasn’t a company around that had the skill-set to handle such a broad range of aquatic management services. So our company was born, and we began helping people manage their water and fisheries. Just a short year later, we began operating our second division of the business which specializes in the design and fabrication of fisheries equipment used by professional biologists. Each year since our business’s inception we have experienced excellent growth and have continued to expand our services and products. We are a diverse group of folks that love what we do. We all have a passion for the water, fisheries management, engineering, and taking on challenges. We take great pride in fulfilling the needs of our customers, who are just as diverse as us. Further, we have a significant inventory of specialized equipment that allows us to be a one stop shop for our customers, whether within our Pond and Lake Management Division or our Fisheries Equipment Division. In short, we have the right tools to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Please continue to read and learn more about us. We’ll appreciate hearing from you and look forward to earning your business.