Oceanic Global

Founded in 2016, Oceanic Global (OG) reconnects humanity to the ocean as the beating heart of the earth, and provides tangible solutions and blueprints for coexisting in harmony with the natural world. The 501c3 non-profit builds tools, mobilizes communities, and develops educational resources and standards that inspire global action and catalyze cross-sector change.  In 2018, Oceanic Global launched the Blue Standard (Blue), a first-of-its-kind cross industry standard that establishes universal accountability for responsible business leadership, with over 500 + global businesses in 30+ countries and 7 global governments engaged to date. Oceanic Global is based in Brooklyn, New York with international hubs and volunteer bases in New York, London, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Hong Kong. Reflective of its global reach, the organization has additionally been the official non-profit and production contributor to United Nations World Oceans Day since 2019. |www.oceanic.global