It all began with a small group of pioneering environmentalists who started Bio Gro in 1978 to help the municipalities in which they lived craft their biosolids management programs in response to the Clean Water Act of 1974. This group of entrepreneurs worked with growers, technologists and their municipal customers to continually advance the science of biosolids management, protecting and improving America’s water supply. Along the way, the team helped hundreds of municipalities move to more environmentally friendly, sustainable biosolids management technologies, and by 1990 the company had grown to become North America’s largest and most-respected biosolids recycling company. Through Bio Gro’s subsequent combination with Wheelabrator, it added in-vessel composting and by its combination with Enviro-Gro in 1991, thermal-drying expertise.

Synagro, started in 1986, paralleled Bio Gro’s path of growth to support the biosolids management needs of hundreds of municipalities. Through Synagro’s substantial, continuous investments in research and development and partnering with other biosolids management providers, the company grew rapidly.

In 2000, the story of the two companies came together as Synagro purchased BioGro. The same year, Synagro acquired NETCO, the leader in biosolids thermal reduction, and a rail arm – Environmental Protection & Improvement Company – creating the broadest biosolids management portfolio that defines us today.

As we look to the future, the nearly 1,000 passionate environmentalists of Synagro take pride in the important environmental mission the company provides for the communities in which we live and work. We have been energized by our mission to be a reliable partner who removes risk from a complicated process, so customers can help us make our communities healthier. We partner with stakeholders to clean our water, protect our environment and serve our communities by generating worth from what others consider waste. We work to protect the health of our water, our Earth and those who depend on them now and in the future.