Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

The Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary is the first and only wildlife rescue center for different species of wildlife in Liberia and officially opened on May 6th 2017. It is an officially registered NGO and is a partnership with the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) with the following aims:


· Provide care and give support to confiscated wild animals kept as pets or destined to bushmeat;

· Release confiscated wild animals back into the wild whenever possible;

· Provide lifelong care for the animals that cannot be released;

· Encourage volunteer participation in nature work (protection, caretaking, release, etc…); 

· Raise awareness on illegal trafficking of wildlife in Liberia; 

· Educate people on Liberia’s wildlife.


So far, more than 800 animals have entered the sanctuary and 380 have been released back into protected areas in Liberia.