Upper Sugar River Watershed Association

The Upper Sugar River Watershed Association (Upper Sugar, https://uppersugar.org/) in 2001 by a small group of enthusiastic individuals with concerns for a river in their community, the Upper Sugar has steadily grown to be a professional and award-winning non-profit with three paid staff in addition to its volunteer board, regular interns, and volunteers. We have a recently adopted strategic plan, A Healthy Watershed for All, that will serve as a blueprint for what we hope to accomplish together through 2026.

We are a grassroots, self-sustaining, 501c3 non-profit conservation organization. The Upper Sugar River Watershed Association consists of those who live, work or play in the watershed. We have a board of directors, an annual membership and are able to complete many beneficial conservation projects with funds we raise from grants, individual and corporate donors, municipalities and events. We are a hands-on project group, and disseminate information about watershed issues through our connections in local schools and numerous community partners.