AQUA DOC Lake & Pond Management

"A winning team, striving for excellence in environmental stewardship & sustainability.
Solving problems. Providing solutions."

Since 1983, AQUA DOC has been keeping lakes & ponds beautiful for individual home owners, associations, condominiums, businesses, golf courses, municipalities and marinas. As a leader in the industry, AQUA DOC’s focus is sustainable stewardship of fresh water ecosystems and maintaining a healthy balance in the waters we manage.

With AQUA DOC, you can be assured only the finest specialists and technicians will be managing your water. Our specialists, many with advanced degrees in fields such as environmental studies and aquatic biology, are fully trained, licensed and certified in their respective specialties. Furthermore, AQUA DOC values continuing education for our staff and provides internal training through a series of classes called AQUA DOC U, as well as outside training through manufacturers and other industry leaders and influencers.