North American Land Trust

North American Land Trust (NALT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit land conservation corporation (or organization), recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a “qualified organization” to receive and steward gifts of land and conservation easements under IRC Sections 170(h).

Our mission is to permanently conserve and steward natural and cultural resources through innovative land preservation partnerships.  NALT has preserved over 130,000 acres in 24 states across the United States.

We work with a variety of partners, including individuals, corporate landowners, mitigation bankers, developers and municipalities, all over the United States to conserve significant natural resources with Conservation Easements, steward properties with advanced monitoring techniques, and enhance habitat with Conservation Management Plans. NALT Conservation Areas protect wetlands, grasslands, coastlines, forests and fresh water habitat and the species that depend on them. The majority of these acres are privately owned, but many are dedicated to public use.

NALT has worked hard to diversify our projects and have finalized mitigation easements that protect and restore important streams and wetlands.  In addition, we received grant funding in 2021 to acquire and protects a Revolutionary War property in Delaware County, PA, our first public preserve.