Community Energy Labs

Community Energy Labs (CEL) is a female-founded and led energy technology company, ️ with a mission to enable affordable decarbonization of community buildings by 2030. We enable buildings to use energy when clean sources of power are available and to use less energy overall by making smart decisions about when and how energy is used. Our goal is to advance the affordability of clean building control for low-income and underserved building owners using AI. We primarily work with communities and schools, whose buildings make up nearly 30% of the commercial floor space in the US!  

Our software combines cutting-edge control algorithms that use machine learning and thermal energy models along with traditional control techniques to make it happen.  We combine that with an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering to make saving money and the planet easy for everyone - even cash-strapped schools with overworked building operators.

CEL's core AI-powered clean building control platform concept was a regional winner of CleanTech Open's 2020 international accelerator, an overall winner in the 2020 Madrona Venture Labs Go Vertical challenge, a 2021 impel+ building innovator, EPRI Incubate Energy 2021 cohort member and 2021 US Department of Energy SBIR awardee.