Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre

Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre was established with one aim: To allow students and volunteers to gain in-depth knowledge of the community and natural splendour of the South African bushveld while being immersed in a community of like-minded individuals from across the globe.

We host Durham University’s Primate and Predator Project which is primarily focused on human-wildlife conflict research. The establishment of independent research is a major focus of 2020 and we have a team dedicated to establishing new research projects.

Research is conducted on the Campfornis game farm but also extends to surrounding properties. While we are primarily a research operation, community engagement plays an important role and we are regularly going to local schools to teach children about their place in the preservation of valuable natural assets.

We invite all prospective students and volunteers to join our dynamic group and come and experience the bushveld in all its wonderful mystery and diversity.

Jun 14, 2022
Internship- Unpaid
Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre Alldays, South Africa
The Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre (AWCRC) based within the Limpopo Province, South Africa is playing a critical role in the research and conservation of local wildlife. We are looking for hands-on and passionate research assistants to join our team and help support our critical research into the conservation value of privately owned giraffe. The project provides a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure to behavioural ecology, working alongside experienced professionals. You will be working with giraffe, whilst developing a range of research skills, which is a perfect steppingstone for your future career in conservation. Our project investigates the conservation value of privately owned giraffe on different properties in the Alldays area, a population which does not currently contribute to global giraffe population counts. We will be using the ‘wild and free framework’ set out by Childs et al. to assess the ‘wildness’ of these giraffe, indicating whether they...