Mad Agriculture

Our mission is to create a regenerative revolution in agriculture. At Mad Ag we believe that healing our relationships to self, others and the earth is our highest calling. To do this, we put radical ideals to work. We see no division between the work of the heart, soul and mind. Our day-in, day-out work is focused on helping farmers and ranchers transition to and thrive in regenerative organic agriculture. We support stewards of the land with land & business planning, access to equitable financing and values-aligned markets. We also work to tell the story of regeneration using a variety of communication approaches that often include collaborations within our community. 

Mad Agriculture is a fast-paced startup and action-oriented organization seeking exemplary individuals committed to the revolution. Our culture is entrepreneurial and deeply rooted in a commitment to creating services and products that meet the deepest needs of the farmers, ranchers and land that we serve. We currently work in 13 US states with 60+ farmers and ranchers with a focus on staple crops and livestock.