Mystic River Watershed Association

The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) was founded in 1972. Our vision is a vibrant, healthy and resilient Mystic River Watershed for the benefit of all our community members. To achieve this, MyRWA is protecting water quality, restoring important habitats, building climate resilience, transforming parks and paths, and inspiring youth and community members.

We use science, advocacy, collaboration and education to ensure a vibrant, healthy and resilient environment for the people and natural communities that call the watershed home. Thousands of volunteers help us monitor environmental health and make on-the-ground improvements; our education programs help students and families learn about nearby natural communities.

Today, MyRWA has a staff of twelve highly collaborative team members, a dedicated Board of Directors, and an annual budget of more than $3 million. As an organization committed to incorporating racial equity and justice throughout our programs and operations, we have embarked on a year-long training and strategic plan update to ensure that we are fully living into these values.  As a next step, we are centering equity as the foundation for our work, including a re-affirmation to serve all residents of the watershed, diversify our list of suppliers and contractors, and ensure our staff mirror the communities we serve across the watershed, from Reading to Revere.