The Ecology School is an organization that works hard to practice what we teach and to teach with intention. We provide residential and day ecology education programs for elementary and middle school students and provide immersive residential experiences for participants of all ages. We are committed to making every program empowering, informative, and fun for our participants and pour our hearts, energy, and time into our work.

Our strong, supportive community of Educators live together onsite for the entirety of the term, allowing an opportunity to make lifelong connections with people from all across the country. Because of the unique bond that develops each term, a considerable network of alumni educators provides support and mentorship for newcomers.

The Ecology School’s administrative team works to maintain a strong support system to ensure that our staff can deliver their very best lessons. An integral part of our mission is to use laughter and storytelling as a key learning tool. This means our Educators are wearing costumes on a daily basis to perform educational skits that help our students make connections.

We are seeking new members of our Educator team. A successful Educator is someone ready to invest their time and energy into making our community, programs, and the experiences of our visiting schools and participants the best that they can be. As an Educator, you will gain valuable teaching skills, as well as experience with, and insight into, a successful non-profit. We are looking for hard working individuals, who have a willingness to learn and desire to work with students as they develop their environmental literacy.