GreenCircle Certified

GreenCircle Certified was established in 2009 by our founders, Tara and Tad Radzinski, after encountering many unsubstantiated claims in the marketplace. Tara and Tad co-founded GreenCircle because they have the fundamental belief that the world should know about your commitment to sustainability.

At GreenCircle, we understand that your customers are putting pressure on you to be more transparent, which makes you feel like you’re going to get left behind. GreenCircle's rigorous evaluation process provides independent verification that your sustainability claims are valid so that you can get ahead of your competition. Manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, occupants, and consumers can trust that your GreenCircle Certified products and operations claims have been thoroughly assessed and verified to applicable standards.

We know how imperative it is for your customers to be assured of your sustainability efforts, which is why we have issued over 2,000 certifications for sustainability claims. We go the extra step to provide marketing support for your certifications and train your sales team to use your certifications to turn sustainability into sales.