We at MageAnts provide you with a varied range of products with a wide range of features. A specialized team of professionals provides you with every type of support. We have a rich experience of more than 7 years and none of our customers have faced any issues . We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you round the clock for your Magento needs. Our products have various features which will enhance your website while providing the customer with an easy and seamless experience. Our focus is on every aspect of the entire website you create using Magneto. We have paid as well as free extensions. These extensions not only help you in your website but also provide easy access for your customers.

 Our extensions are broadly classified into different heads such as marketing, ease of use, shipping, catalog, and reach to customer falls under paid category. Under the free category you have better UI experience, easy to use, administration and reach to customer. These are again further customized to suit each individual customer needs and necessities. There is age verification, spam and bot blocker, advance product reviews , free gifts, social media login which has now turned out to be a basic feature of all websites, size chart, product question and answer etc. all under the paid category. Under the free extension category you have the product slider for highlighting your best products and attract customers and build your base through it. Another important extension would be the customer contact form, an integral part of every website. This feature provides a direct connect with the customer and helps build and improve your overall customer base. Another unique extension would be the wish list notification. I think everyone would be familiar with that. This extension helps you to retain your customers by remembering their preferences and help you get an idea about the products that are liked by the masses.