Tuolumne River Trust

Tuolumne River Trust protects and restores the Tuolumne River watershed for present and future generations. We do this through three key program areas: education, advocacy, and restoration. 

Tuolumne River Trust seeks a healthy and vibrant river that is:

  • Teeming with fish and wildlife
  • Safe for drinking, fishing and swimming
  • Welcoming for rafting, kayaking, and other river sports
  • Held in trust as a refuge for our children and grandchildren

Using a watershed-wide approach, we take on ambitious landscape-scale restoration projects to restore the entire landscape back to health. From the headwater forests in the Sierra Nevada mountains, to the parks and floodplains of the Central Valley, to the flows that course through the San Francisco Bay, we know that restoring one section of the river improves the health of the entire watershed.