Semper Fi Land Services, INC.

At Semper Fi, ecological restoration is of utmost importance and requires a patient, adaptive approach. It connects society with nature by engaging in the recovery of degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems. These ecosystems include wetland, prairie, woodland, savanna, and riparian areas.

Semper Fi restores land back to its natural habitat through a variety of practices including, prescribed burn management, removing invasive species, reintroducing native species diversity, selective tree and shrub removal, pesticide application, prairie restoration and ongoing stewardship and management. In addition to restoration, we specialize in the reduction of soil erosion through streambank and shoreline stabilization. Our experienced staff works in collaboration with our clients to plan and adapt our approach for the unique needs of each project.

Clients will have peace of mind knowing that they are meeting equal opportunity goals with a reliable veteran and minority-owned small business that is qualified to get the job done efficiently and without hassle.