The Outdoor School

Instructors with The Outdoor School connect kids to the natural environment—a place where they can see, hear, touch, smell and even taste nature.

As the vital link between nature and the classroom, The Outdoor School (TOS) is a residential outdoor education program that focuses on hands-on experiential educational and outdoor courses primarily for 4th–9th graders. Located on Lake LBJ in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country and an additional location in the lush rolling hills of the Brazos Valley, both TOS sites are within an hour or two of either Austin or Houston. Environmental stewardship and experiential learning is emphasized by placing children in a natural environment where they can learn, first-hand, about their vital relationship with that environment.

Programming focuses on the philosophy of Universal Respect and Challenge by Choice. Universal Respect means everything should be treated with respect. To respect others, children are taught to treat others as they would like to be treated, using encouragement and positive words and actions. Children will also be expected to show respect for themselves, the environment—and everything! Challenge by Choice involves setting personal goals and reaching them using physical, mental and social challenges along the way. Goals can always be reset higher or lower. Children are encouraged to meet and exceed their goals, but are never forced to go beyond their limits!