Blue Forest Conservation

About Blue Forest Conservation

Blue Forest is a small, innovative climate finance non-profit firm that develops financial tools to address pressing environmental challenges. We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, foresters, finance and communications professionals committed to the mission of “Financial Innovation for Sustainable Solutions” through our culture of learning, collaboration, diligence, and innovation.


About the Forest Resilience Bond

In partnership with the US Forest Service and the World Resources Institute, Blue Forest developed our signature environmental bond, the Forest Resilience Bond (FRB), to overcome the funding gap for forest management. As a first of it's kind public-private partnership, the FRB enables private capital to catalyze public land management on National Forest land, thereby reducing wildfire risk and promoting ecological sustainability, by valuing the resulting ecosystem services. The FRB model is currently used exclusively for forest management interventions, but our successful replication and scaling of this ecosystem services model offers a new solution for financing a wide variety of climate interventions through public-private-partnerships at scale.


To date, Blue Forest has launched a $4M pilot FRB project on the Tahoe National Forest, will launch a 3-4x larger FRB project in California in 2021, and expects to launch $50M+ in FRB projects over the next five years across California and the Pacific Northwest.