Sustainable Conservation

With offices in San Francisco and Modesto, Sustainable Conservation helps California thrive by uniting people to solve the toughest challenges facing our land, air, and water. Every day, we bring together business, landowners, communities and government, in some of the most productive yet economically disadvantaged parts of California, to steward the resources on which we all depend in ways that are just and make economic sense.

Sustainable Conservation’s current focus is driving collaborative solutions to meet the water needs of California’s environment, economy and people for current and future generations with particular focus on advancing sustainable groundwater management and accelerating the stewardship of natural and working lands and waterways. A sustainable water future for California that supports a thriving economy is achievable. But, a future in which nature and people have access to clean, affordable and reliable water is possible only by working with – not against – each other.

We are striving to improve the state’s water supply reliability, water quality and ecosystem resiliency in light of climate change and the needs of all of California’s communities. Current initiatives include:

  • -Promoting the capture of flood flows to provide flood protection and recharge depleted groundwater aquifers in ways that protect and ideally improve water quality. We must ensure that there is sufficient water in our groundwater aquifers to provide communities with safe drinking water, farmers with water for crops, and fish and wildlife with adequate flows in our rivers and streams as we face more frequent and severe droughts.
  • -Encouraging water and nitrogen use efficiency to protect groundwater supplies and quality.
  • -Reducing pollution to our groundwater aquifers particularly in areas where communities depend on groundwater for their drinking water.
  • -Accelerating restoration of rivers, stream and wetlands by creating policy, regulatory, and financial incentives.

Sustainable Conservation pursues these goals through partnerships with farmers, water agencies, community groups, restoration practitioners and others, and draws from its experience on the ground to inform and advocate for policies that support practices and land management that will move California to a sustainable water future for all of its diverse communities, its renowned fish and wildlife, and a sustainable agricultural industry that benefits California and the nation. Please visit our website to learn more about our work.