Applied Geotechnical Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Applied Geotechnical Engineering Consultants, Inc. (AGEC) was established in 1990 to deliver reliable, full-service, geotechnical and geologic engineering consultation, construction-material testing and observation, special inspections, laboratory testing services and environmental site assessments. Directed by James E. Nordquist, P.E., AGEC specializes in providing consultation on geotechnical and geologic engineering, and construction-services aspects of constructed facilities and the environment. Our technically proficient staff is supervised by registered professional engineers (13 Utah registered P.E.s on staff) throughout each phase of individual client projects. AGEC owns and operates a mobile CME all-terrain drilling rig, two truck-mounted CME drill rigs and a backhoe and conducts project-required laboratory testing in our in-house geotechnical/construction-materials laboratories.

As the largest Utah-headquartered geotechnical engineering consulting firm, AGEC comprises engineers (20-23), Professional Geologists (3), technicians/inspectors (30-45), laboratory technicians (15-25) and support personnel (15-25). Since 1990, AGEC has successfully completed more than 41,000 projects in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Minnesota, Mississippi and Oklahoma.