Our products are at home in the skies, but they’re built on the ground. Naturally, we have a deep commitment to using the technology and innovation we’re known for to benefit the environment.

We’re developing and testing new technologies that will bring greater fuel efficiency and environmentally progressive innovations to our customers and our communities around the world. We’re meeting environmental performance targets for our facilities while ramping up commercial airplane production. And we’re using innovative approaches in cleanup efforts as part of our remediation program.

Boeing is leading local and global collaboration for the complex challenges our world faces now, and looking to the future. We support industry-wide approaches to align on ways to improve the environment. And whether it’s through the development of sustainable aviation biofuel or by working with communities globally on important environmental issues, we’re making a difference.

From working to improve the environmental performance of our products and services to working together for the benefit of our homes and communities, Boeing is building a better planet.

Environment Report Executive Summary