About Veloz

Pollution from cars and trucks poses a critical threat to public health, the planet and the economy. Veloz envisions a future where there are no emissions from transportation. A zero-emissions transportation sector will clean the air, improve public health, create new clean energy jobs and help create a sustainable environment for all. The urgency of this moment in history requires a fast transition to electric cars, but we’re not moving fast enough. Veloz means fast. A movement is needed, and Veloz aims to create it. Barriers exist, and Veloz intends to overcome them. 

Against the backdrop of California’s goals to have 5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2045, Veloz inspires, educates and empowers Californians to drive electric in the following ways:

  • Creates provocative public awareness campaigns to spark conversation and change the narrative about electric cars and who they are for (spoiler: everyone!);
  • Inspires potential electric car buyers to explore their options, learn about the benefits and take advantage of federal, state and local financial incentive programs;
  • Assembles the most powerful leaders in the transportation space, from government regulators, automakers, utilities, charging providers, NGO climate leaders and more, to exponentially accelerate Californian’s uptake of electric cars.

Veloz builds on the success of the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, a public-private partnership founded in 2010 to convene, collaborate and communicate on emerging electric car market trends, address challenges and enable strong market growth. The PEV Collaborative evolved into Veloz in 2017, a membership-based, movement-building organization that is unleashing the power of California consumers through signature education initiatives like Electric For All. Veloz’s 2019 Electric For All campaign, Kicking Gas, featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, achieved more than 224 million impressions, including 16.4 million video views, and was nominated for a Shots Award.

Veloz’s work intersects with and impacts myriad of the state’s most critical challenges around transportation electrification. The work of Veloz and its cross-sector members and partners have the power to transform how Californians move, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable climate for all communities. For more information about Veloz visit