Indy Parks (Holliday Park)

One of Indianapolis’ oldest parks, Holliday Park is located just six miles north of downtown and encompasses 94-acres of beautiful green space.  Visitors can explore the nature center, play on one of the city’s best, hard-to-leave playgrounds, hike more than 3.5 miles of picturesque trails or take a stroll around the one-of-a-kind Holliday Park Ruins.  

Holliday Park provides getaway for nature lovers without having to leave the city.   The wooded ravines contain natural springs and wetlands, a pond, a long stretch of the White River, a beech-maple forest, and over 400 species of trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Bird watchers have spotted more than 200 species while hiking the 3.5 miles of trails that wind through the forest. In addition, deer, fox, beaver, rabbits, squirrels and many other native animals reside in or pass through the park grounds.  

For a more hands-on experience, the professional education staff offer a wide variety of programs to help visitors enjoy all that the park offers.  Whether you are a teacher or scout leader looking to bring your group for a field trip, or a parent searching for a fun adventure for your family, we have a program that you’ll love! Check out the Programs and Events page for a complete list of upcoming opportunities at the nature center.   

The Holliday Park story began during the 1916 centennial celebration of Indiana statehood when John and Evaline Holliday donated their beautiful country estate to the City of Indianapolis, expressing the belief that “the land is singularly suited to be a place for recreation and the study of nature.” Today, no matter what the season, activities abound in the park.  As we approach the centennial anniversary of John and Evaline’s gift, it’s safe to say that their vision for this special place has been fulfilled.