North Dakota State University

Central Grasslands Research Extension Center is located in south central North Dakota in the Missouri Coteau.  The Center has 10 full-time research scientists and staff studying areas including range science, forage agronomy and animal science. The station was created to address the following research priorities areas: 1) range ecology and grazing management; 2) forage systems; 3) livestock nutrition; and 4) reproductive efficiency.  To accomplish these objectives, the Center manages approximately 1300 beef animals yearly, including 400 to 425 breeding females.  The land base for these operations includes 5335 acres, of which the majority is native and improved pasture.

The location of the Research Extension Center offers outstanding opportunities to enjoy a rural lifestyle in a supportive community environment.  Outdoor recreational activities in this area include outstanding waterfowl and upland game hunting for sportsman, easy access to lakes for fishing, white-tailed deer hunting, and an excellent environment for bird watching, hiking, biking, and other activities.