Total Reclaim

Total Reclaim was created in 1991 to help industry and government agencies legally recycle refrigerators and HVAC equipment in accordance with the requirements of the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act.  In 1995, Total Reclaim became the first reclaimer of refrigerants in the Pacific Northwest.  In 1997, we created our sister company EcoLights Northwest to recycle mercury bearing lamps and in 1999 we began recycling computers, monitors, and other electronics.  Since then, Total Reclaim has grown to become the leading recycler of computers and electronics in the Pacific Northwest and developed a reputation as one of the most innovative managers of hard-to-handle materials in the nation.

Our services are designed to help our customers comply with laws regarding the handling of potentially hazardous materials, help them reduce their long-term legal liabilities, minimize the disposal of hazardous waste and help protect the environment that we all share.  We continue to develop new programs and add services to help protect our environment through the proper management of hard-to-handle materials.  Finally, Total Reclaim’s company-owned truck fleet enables us to offer prompt service and comprehensive logistics and provide recycling and certified destruction services for any volume of electronics and other materials.