Mill Creek MetroParks

e mission of Mill Creek MetroParks is to provide park, recreational, educational, and open space facilities of regional significance. In fulfilling this mission our objectives are:

To be responsive to community needs

Studies and surveys direct the MetroParks to preserve appropriate natural and cultural areas, make improvements to MetroPark facilities, develop additional recreational opportunities, and continue to strengthen activity and public information programming.

To be environmentally sound

Stewardship strategies will be dictated by the intrinsic nature of the land.

To be adaptable

The only certainty in our world is that change is occurring at an increasing rate. To respond, the MetroParks must maintain strong public information and involvement programs and form new kinds of creative liaisons to meet changing needs.

To be economically feasible

The MetroParks has finite resources that are not guaranteed in perpetuity. It must constantly work to broaden its base, especially through new partnerships. Revenue generating programs and facilities must be a key element in the overall funding picture.