Revive & Restore

Revive & Restore is a Sausalito, California-based nonprofit. The core team has spent the past six years working with 200+ scientists to develop the emerging field of biotechnology-based genetic rescue, acting as a catalyst, a facilitator, and as a funder. Our mission is to develop and apply genomic technologies for biodiversity conservation, specifically for endangered and extinct species, with the overall goal of enhancing global biodiversity and ecosystem health. To do so, we work with a wide range of professionals ranging from conservation biologists, molecular biologists, veterinarians, to bio-ethicists and communications experts.


Revive & Restore is perhaps best known for advancing long-term projects that aspire to bring species back from extinction by using gene editing techniques—notably the passenger pigeon, the heath hen, and the woolly mammoth. However, the more immediate mandate is to develop and apply genetic tools to help prevent species extinction and to help enhance species recovery.  These include: “genetic insight” (state-of-the-art genomic analysis for in situ and ex situ population and ecosystem level management and monitoring), cryopreservation of cell cultures from at-risk wild populations, advanced reproductive techniques (mammalian cloning), and advanced gene-editing techniques for population health and facilitated adaptation.