Integral Ecology Research Center

Integral Ecology Research Center (IERC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and conservation of wildlife and their ecosystems. Founded in 2004, IERC has conducted and continues research on several sensitive wildlife species, with the ultimate goal of providing knowledge and understanding towards the conservation of these species and their habitats. Our projects cover many different habitats, from alpine settings to old-growth coastal forests to deserts and tropical jungles. Our research entails a wide range of species from …

  • big cats
  • elusive forest carnivores
  • sensitive stream amphibians
  • endangered invertebrates
  • to wildlife and zoonotic diseases

Through our programs, we hope to provide the most current and scientifically accurate ecological information that will help wildlife managers, educators, researchers, and politicians implement well-informed conservation measures for wildlife species and promote biological diversity world-wide.

IERC Mission Statement

To perform ecological research, and to compile, organize, and disseminate the results of this research in order to improve scientific knowledge of the public and advance the management and conservation of wildlife species and their communities, and overall ecosystem health and conservation.