Aligned with Altria's Mission​, our companies are committed to reducing our businesses’ environmental impact and promoting the sustainability of natural resources.​
We continue to make progress against our environmental long-term goals. To help us achieve these goals, our companies:​
  • implement environmentally- sustainable practices where possible;
  • conduct business in compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, policies and company commitments;
  • implement environmentally-sustainable practices where feasible;
  • understand environmental risks facing our businesses and find ways to remove or reduce these risks;
  • include environmental considerations into our business processes, like product design, logistics and mergers and acquisitions;
  • expect our suppliers and partners to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, consider environmental impacts in business decision-making and promote conservation of natural resources; 
  • work with stakeholders to address environmental interests and grow partnerships to promote environmental stewardship; 
  • report our environmental progress internally to executive leadership and maintain external reporting on air emissions, energy, waste and water;​​ and
  • create an Environmental Management Framework to guide continuous improvement.