RMG Recycling

The Resource Management Group, Inc was founded in 1994, and is headquartered in San Diego, California.  We provide solution driven recycling services along with comprehensive reporting that yields transparency at all levels.

The motto at RMG is simple; Recycle First, Landfill Last.

The core commodities RMG diverts from the landfill are Organics, Plastics, and Paper/Cardboard.

RMG has a diverse client base that includes restaurant chains, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, food banks, hotels, and scientific labs.  We take a tailored approach with each of our clients because no two waste streams are the same.  RMG strives to educate every step of the way, to ensure our clients meet their waste diversion goals.

Along with our tailored approach, we also deliver best in class reports. Our patented RCMS reporting system drives exceptional management and better control, leading to higher yields for our clients.