ABC Coke

ABC Coke is the largest merchant producer of foundry coke in the United States. Typical product characteristics are 91.50% fixed carbon, 8.0% ash, 0.50% volatile matter and 0.64% sulphur. ABC operates 132 ovens with an annual capacity of 730,000 tons of saleable coke.

Superior product and reliability of supply are the foundation of ABC’s customer relationships. ABC Coke serves many industries including, automotive, construction, smelter, rock wool insulation and sugar.

Quality control is an essential component in our operation. Our customers, some of whom have been using our product for over 40 years, verify ABC Coke’s reputation for consistent quality and reliability of supply and service.

ABC Coke places a premium on personal service and a detailed understanding of customers’ requirements. A grading and screening process sizes products to fit the customer’s needs. These are the essential factors for developing “strong” customer relationships.