Semper Fi

Semper Fi was founded in 2004 by US Marine Corps veteran Roberto Velazquez in the Chicago suburb of Aurora. The business started with landscaping but has grown into a local leader in ecosystem restoration, stream-bank/shoreline restoration, and natural areas management.

Semper Fi has performed ecosystem restoration, streambank/shoreline restoration, and natural areas management for a variety of public agencies throughout the Chicago region. Our staff has extensive experience with natural areas management practices including conservation mowing, selective cutting, broadcast and selective herbicide application, selective tree and shrub removal, native seed and plant installation, native seed collection and redistribution, and prescribed burn management. In addition to natural areas management, we also have experience implementing streambank and shoreline stabilizations. Our staff is highly trained for restoration work with licenses and certifications ranging from pesticide application licenses to prescribed burning certifications. Semper Fi maintains a full line of specialized equipment for ecological restoration, management, and prescribed fire including excavation equipment, herbicide application equipment, tracked ATVs, tank trucks, chainsaws, brushsaws, and agricultural tractors with restoration specific implements.