Phillips Wharf Environmental Center

Phillips Wharf Environmental Center, located on Tilghman Island, MD, is a non-profit organization created to provide a hands-on experience and education with the plants and animals that inhabit the Chesapeake Bay region. Visitors and students learn the history of how people have impacted the Bay’s resources and how everyone can learn to be a better Bay steward. In addition to learning about the environment, Phillips Wharf has expanded into oyster aquaculture with a full-scale production of oysters for consumption as well as restoration. This has allowed the formation of a training program for people interested in entering a new sustainable and innovative fisheries industry.

Our mission is nothing short of saving our precious Chesapeake Bay as a natural resource and as a source of healthy seafood and productive jobs for our residents along its shores. It is through our many programs that we can help others understand how the daily decisions we make can impact the Bay and its health and well-being.