Wildlands Trust

The Wildlands Trust works throughout southeastern Massachusetts to conserve and permanently protect native habitats, farmland, and lands of high scenic and ecological value in order to keep our communities healthy and our residents connected to the natural world. The Wildlands Trust will work to sustain the rural character and quality of life enjoyed by the residents of southeastern Massachusetts by protecting high quality conservation and agricultural lands. We envision a future where open land is abundant, our water is clean, and forests, farms, wetlands, fields, ponds, and coastal areas are commonplace sightings on our landscape.

We are one of the largest and oldest regional land trusts in Massachusetts, and since our founding in 1973, we have helped to ensure the protection of nearly 10,000 acres of natural and agricultural lands. We currently have six full-time and four part-time staff carrying out the day to day activities of Wildlands Trust. We also have interns, seasonal employees, and volunteers who assist us on a regular basis. Our Board of Directors is comprised of 14 committed individuals from the communities we serve and we enjoy the support of nearly 1,200 members from around the region