Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice is a multiracial grassroots organization that fights for health and environmental justice with low-income and working class, urban, rural, and indigenous communities. Founded in 1997 by grassroots community leaders, Greenaction has been at the forefront of the environmental justice movement for more than two decades. We believe that communities have the right to live, work and play in a clean and healthy environment. We work to create a just and healthy world for our communities and future generations. We believe it is our duty to protect Mother Earth for all living beings and future generations and we take action to protect the health of our communities today and tomorrow.

Greenaction has a small staff and a strong internship and volunteer program offering opportunities for students, community members and professionals to get involved. Our internships are unpaid but students receive an intensive experience working directly with Greenaction and our community partners.