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New York State Center for Recruitment & Public Service Albany, NY, USA
Nov 07, 2018
Full time
The mission of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is to steward our significant natural, recreational, historical and cultural resources, while providing safe and enjoyable recreational and interpretive opportunities for all New Yorkers and visitors. In its 11 regions, OPRHP oversees more than 250 individual state parks, historic sites, golf courses, boat launches and recreational trails and 71 million visitors who visit these sites. The New York State park system is one of the largest in the country, the most developed; not only with recreational facilities, but also arboretums, marinas, large outdoor concert venues, hotels, restaurants and food services, and visitor/nature centers.  The agency work is executed by the excellent 1,770 full-time employees, that increases to nearly 5,000 during the peak months The commissioner must set the vision and strategy to best steward the parks and historic sites and to serve the public that visits them.  With executive and regional staff, the commissioner executes this strategy with tangible and on the ground results.   The commissioner oversees and directs all operations of the agency, including capital construction (and maintenance) program, environmental and recreational programs, concessions, partnerships, grants programs and large events, as well as human resources and the annual capital and operating budget to accomplish this mission. This is an operation and management job, with emphasis on tangible results in improved services and visitor experience. The agency/Commissioner is charged with protecting not only the safety and health of its campers and day-use visitors but also the safety and health of boaters, swimmers and snowmobilers in New York waterways/trails.  A well-trained Park Police and the Environmental, Emergency Management, Snowmobile, Swim and Boating bureaus, monitor, regulate, administer and respond to the safety needs of all these recreators.  OPRHP is also a primary responder for emergency events and catastrophes in the State. The commissioner serves as the state’s historic preservation officer and is responsible for the activities of the State Historic Preservation Office located near Albany at Peebles Island, including but not limited to listing historic properties on the State and National Registers, preservation tax credits, and promotion and stewardship of historic preservation activities statewide. Appointed by Governor and in the Cabinet, most importantly, the Commissioner is spokesperson and ambassador for Governor (on all matters) and for Parks, historic preservation, and a spokesperson for the Governor for citizen, stakeholder and electeds’ concerns. Essential Duties and Responsibilities Provide vision and leadership for the future of the state’s parkland, recreation and historic preservation resources; Engage in strategic planning and budgeting to ensure agency continues to fulfill its mission and vision; Manage day to day operations of the agency; Engage with advocates and other stakeholders to discuss relevant agency policies and regulations; Advocate on behalf of agency concerns with other stakeholders; and Interact with the Executive Chamber, elected officials and others on behalf of the agency. Minimum Qualifications Bachelor’s degree required Graduate degree preferred 10 plus years of relevant work experience in the fields of land conservation, historic preservation, environmental education, recreation management, and/or operating service related companies that support programming and customer services. Ability to manage large and complex organizations Demonstrated commitment to public service Demonstrated experience in executing on the ground results Broad experience in creating strategic planning and execution New York State is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer