Clean Water Action

Since our founding during the campaign to pass the landmark Clean Water Act in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking and people power to the table.
Clean Water Action Boston, MA, USA
Mar 30, 2018
Full time
Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund will be hiring a full-time advocate/organizer in our Boston office to support the organizations’ Massachusetts campaigns to combat climate change, promote environmental justice and ensure all communities have access to affordable clean energy. Clean Water Action is a national, grassroots environmental organization that works to protect the environment and safeguard public health, promote passage of strong environmental laws, and help communities address local environmental problems affecting them. Clean Water Fund is a national research and education organization which promotes justice and the public interest on issues related to water, waste, clean energy and toxics. Top issue priorities include: preventing harm to our health from toxic chemicals, promoting energy efficiency and clean energy, advocating for Zero Waste policies, and holding our policymakers accountable. Ensuring that those most affected by environmental degradation have a voice at the table, and that solutions to environmental problems contribute to broader goals of justice for all, are central goals in all campaigns. Energy is essential to our daily lives and has a dramatic impact on our swiftly changing climate, but most people don’t know where their energy comes from or that energy policy is largely determined at a state level. Educating members of the public on our outdated, centralized, polluting energy system and engaging residents in transforming the grid into a more green, distributed, and equitable network of power is vital to our future. The Clean Energy Advocate will press for statewide reforms by working in broad coalition and organizing Clean Water members to fight for clean energy and climate justice in Massachusetts. Responsibilities include : Co-coordination of the statewide Mass Power Forward coalition; Growing Clean Water’s campaigns by enlisting members and partners to engage; Work with community leaders to develop grassroots power in support of clean energy; Help to design and execute campaign plans to promote access to clean energy, environmental justice and the growing opposition to fossil fuel expansion; Build and maintain meaningful ties with environmental justice organizations such as members of the Green Justice Coalition, and deliver policy victories that benefit low-income communities and communities of color; Assist in fundraising through grant writing for clean energy campaign and for biannual events and end of year donor drive Skills required for this position include : Demonstrated commitment to Clean Water’s mission and values; Strong interpersonal skills; Adaptability and ability to learn on the job Training and/or demonstrated experience in facilitation of discussions Ability to work with the media and tell the campaign “story” Cultural competency in interacting with people from a variety of economic, racial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds; Well organized and able to manage multiple projects at one time; Strong oral and written communication skills; Solid computer skills (familiar with Word, Excel, social media, etc.); Ability to work both independently and in a team. Qualifications :  A minimum of two years experience with issue campaigns is a must. Background in energy and climate issues is helpful. Familiarity with campaign organizing in Massachusetts, organizing in a variety of racial and socio-economic communities, and/or communications is highly desired. How to Apply :  Send resume and cover letter to Elizabeth Saunders, . Internal candidates should first contact their supervisor. Salary: $37,000 - $42,000 Application Deadline:  Tuesday, May 1 , 2018 Remember to say you found this opportunity at And always apply early because employers may close the job listing early.