Pioneer Natural Resources Company

Pioneer Natural Resources is a large, Texas-based independent exploration and production company that is focused on helping to meet the world’s energy needs. We deliver industry-leading production and reserve growth through onshore, unconventional, oil and gas resource development in the United States, while providing opportunities for growth and enrichment for our business partners, employees and the communities in which we operate.

Pioneer’s collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts are led by our dedicated and highly involved environmental and sustainable development department.

See our 2018 Sustainability Report (posted 8/31/18)

Pioneer Natural Resources is an EEO/AA-M/F/disability/veteran Employer

Pioneer Natural Resources Company Midland, TX, USA
Sep 17, 2018
Full time
Job Summary : This position is responsible for providing support to the Permian Compliance Team including tracking waste management projects for the Permian business units. Job Description : Track status and cost of waste management projects Review weekly tracking reports from all waste management contractors. Manage waste contractor assignments with input from Compliance Specialists. Communicate with Compliance Specialists and manager to ensure projects are completed within regulatory timeframes. Support inspections, audits, and investigations Reconcile waste manifests and ensure proper document retention. Monitor upload and review of waste documents to PNR document management system. Submit waste compliance reports to agencies after approval by Compliance Specialists. Assist Compliance Specialists i n e v alua t io n an d ana l ysi s o f environ m en t a l i ssue s an d acq u isi t io n du e dili g ence . Revie w an d pro c es s AFEs an d invoic e s. A ssis t w i t h prep a ra t ion s f o r e n viron m en t a l m ee t in g s . Performs other/additional duties as assigned by manager. Internal applicants should meet all eligibility requirements per employee handbook. Qualifications: H i g h S choo l Diplo m a o r equival e n t i s required . B a chelo r s ’ de g re e pre f e r red . Mini m u m 2- 10 years ’ a d m inis t ra t i v e e x perienc e required . P re v iou s environ m en t a l c o m plianc e suppo r t r ol e i n o i l an d g a s produc t ion, m ids t rea m o r refi n in g o r rela t e d f i el d pre f er r ed . E duca t io n m a y b e consid e re d i n lie u o f e x per i ence . K no w led g e o f Micros o f t O ff i c e ( W or k , E xcel , Ou t loo k an d P o w erpoin t ) Basic to t horoug h unders t and i n g o f en v iro nm en t a l re g ula t ions . A bl e t o s t and ; w al k ; us e hand s t o f in g er , handle , o r f e e l ; reac h w i t h hand s an d ar m s ; cli m b o r balance ; a n d s t oop , k ne e l , crouch , o r cra w l. A bl e t o l i ft / m ov e u p t o 25 pound s o n re g ula r basis , and occasiona l l y l i ft / m ov e u p t o 50 pou n ds . S peci f i c v isio n a b ili t ie s i n clud e c los e v ision , dis t an c e vi s ion , and colo r v ision . A bl e t o dea l w i t h w e t and / o r hu m i d c ond it ion s an d ex t re m e hea t / cold . W or k environ m en t m a y inclu d e m ovin g m echanica l par t s , f u m es , t oxi c che m icals , a i rborn e pa r t i c le s a n d m odera t e t o l ou d noise , requirin g con s is t e n t us e o f appropri a t e PPE. Pioneer Natural Resources is an EEO/AA-M/F/disability/veteran Employer