Washington State Housing Finance Commission

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission is a publicly accountable, self-supporting team, dedicated to increasing housing access and affordability and to expanding the availability of quality community services for the people of Washington. 

Washington State Housing Finance Commission Seattle, WA, USA
Jul 26, 2018
Full time
Description We are currently recruiting for a full-time Senior Sustainable Energy Coordinator position for the Multifamily Housing and Capital Facilities Division of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.    The   Multifamily Housing and Community Facilities Division   is responsible for developing, applying and implementing policy and program recommendations for the administration of five statewide financing programs: Multifamily Housing, Non-profit Housing, Non-profit Facility, Beginning Farmer and Rancher, and Sustainable Energy.   These programs issue bonds, allocate tax credits, or administer loans for over 50 projects annually, involving owners, developers and underwriters around the nation for projects located across the state.    Agency Overview The WSHFC is a market-driven and self-supporting commission created to provide below-market rate financing for building, purchasing, or preserving affordable housing and nonprofit capital facilities, assisting first-time homebuyers and farmers, and finding financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy   (EERE) .  To achieve its goals, the Commission functions as a financing conduit between developers, lenders, first-time home buyers, real estate professionals, and nonprofit organizations to provide affordable financing for homes, rental housing, and cultural and social services facilities.  Commission financing does not utilize the state's credit. Duties This position is responsible for the development, planning and coordinating EERE initiatives centered around the Commission's core housing programs including multifamily and single family renovations as well as nonprofit facilities to generate project financing opportunities for the Commission.  This position also takes the lead in recommending loans and investments funded from the $11 million Sustainable Energy Trust (the "SET") This position will research and analyze current local, state, and federal incentives and financing structures to recommend priorities and strategic goals for the Commission and develop contacts and partnerships to affect and coordinate initiatives with stakeholders and organizations active in EERE and organizations that own and operate housing and facilities. This position will act as the lead liaison and coordinator between Commission management and its partners on energy matters.   The position will take the lead in maintaining lines of communications with nonprofit organizations, housing activists, utilities, governmental entities and entrepreneurs to ensure that the Commission is aware of this dynamically changing environment and to ensure that the Commission is recognized as active and concerned with energy use and conservation in the built environment.  This position will ensure Commission representation at the appropriate levels of state, local and federal governments, and lead Commission participation with other state agencies and stakeholder organizations including developing funding opportunities for the SET.   This position will be expected to understand and direct issuing tax exempt or taxable bond financings SET investments and loans, and other financing programs in which the Commission participates.  This position takes the lead when necessary on project development, and to oversee the financing development process.  Experience in researching and applying for grant funding is desirable.  Qualifications A Bacherlors degree in Science, Governmental or Environmental studies and/or a similar degree focusing on housing/faciliity development and energy issues, and two years of work experience with energy efficiency and renewable energy (EERE) policy, programs and procedures at the federal, State of Washington, utility and/or municipal level.   The job requires research on best practices in the finance, development and program design of energy efficiency and renewable energy developments and retrofits in Washington. Some work experience in utility regulation, finance underwriting, energy efficient design and housing preservation and energy efficient building renovations is preferred and includes:  energy efficiency retrofits of buildings: residential (single family and multifamily), commercial, industrial, public and community facilities; utility rate regulation and structure in Washington State; utility rebates and incentives for EERE retrofits; federal and state tax measures providing financial support for EERE systems and developments; knowledge of and experience in bond financing and private public partnership developments; barriers and opportunities for EERE retrofits and new systems throughout Washington.   Desirable Skills   The qualifying candidate will have exceptional interpersonal skills and be able to negotiate complex issues, be a self-initiator and implementer; work effectively with professionals such as attorneys, bankers, underwriters, developers, nonprofit organizations, government officials, and community activists.  Must have an understanding and preferably experience in loan underwriting.  Must be able to set priorities, coordinate with team members, and participate in policy development, strategic planning, and internal organizational development.   Proficiency in the MS Windows and Office environment including:  Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and web-based applications.  Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com